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See how Curvature helps IT professionals transform the day-to-day so they can focus on the future. 他们是这么说的:



“Curvature has always been there for me with what I need. I can always count on my account manager to provide me with good solutions for 硬件 I need, when I need it, at a price point that is hard to beat with a lifetime warranty to boot!”

—网络 Operation Engineer, 医疗保健 Company

“My Curvature account manager and team are an invaluable asset to Curvature. I probably wouldn’t have used Curvature if it wasn’t for his knowledge, promptness and expertise in the products we use.”


“喜欢和你们一起工作. 许多年.”






—Deputy Director / Operations Manager, County 政府




“Our rep has been great to work with over the years; very responsive and helpful with recommendations.”





“爱你的公司. It’s my favorite company to do business with!”

—IT Managing Director, Investment Service Company

“Have nothing but the best things to say about Curvature, a huge supporter.”





“I have worked with my account team several times and have never been disappointed with their 服务 或知识.”


“Curvature sets the bar very high in quality of product, service and pricing. Curvature strives to re-invent themselves to keep pace with the changes and advancements in technology.”


“My account manager and the entire Curvature team are always a pleasure to work with.”





“My account manager is always a pleasure to work with. He is quick to answer any questions and always follows-up to ensure the product functions as we need it to function.”

—IT Infrastructure Support, 制造业 Company

“I became a customer a couple years ago when I was looking for some cost effective used 开关. When I called in, I was able to speak directly with an account manager. He took me through a virtual tour of the facility, 解释了公司的宗旨, 回答了我所有的问题. 我马上就被卖了. The fact that a sales person was readily available who was very knowledgeable about the company and it’s products had a direct impact on my decision to purchase from them.”


“对我们的客户团队非常满意. Responsive and supportive as well as technically resourceful.”


“The sales rep we have is so responsive and your technical support engineers as well. The best part is that Curvature is polite and treats customers with respect. 这就是我百分百喜欢巴黎人真人的原因.”



“Having worked with Curvature for years I have been able to save tens of thousands for my various companies.”


“我的销售联系人做得非常好. 快速、友好、可靠. I like the prices and selection of products, and the no-hassle return/exchange process. Curvature is my first choice for 硬件 purchases.”


“I have used Curvature for years now and in 2 different companies. 其价值和服务无可比拟. 比OEM支持要好得多.”


“I get excellent support from the team handling my account, and the response that I get is excellent. Most of the time I get a response in 2 hrs despite the geographic and time difference; that’s amazing speed.”

—网络 Engineer, IT 咨询 and System Integration Provider

“I am very happy with the service received from Curvature!”

—网络 Provisioning Manager, Global IT Solutions Provider

“Curvature has always been there to help and is extremely responsive and timely.”

—Infrastructure Specialist, Data 安全 Company

是一个朋友介绍的, 我们在24小时内就买到了, and was 100% satisfied with the entire process.”

—Sr. 专业服务 Technical Consultant, Software Company

“We have nothing but positive experiences with Curvature and our Sales guy who is top notch.”

—Sr. 软件公司网络工程师

“Great Service and support both before and after purchase.”


“Curvature has supplied us with excellent service from the beginning. 谢谢你!!”

—Sr. 网络 Engineer, 技术 Solutions Provider




“Great service every time from our usual contacts. 终身保修也保证了交易.”


“My account manager is probably one of the best Sales people I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.”

—网络 Engineer, Cable, Telephone and Internet Provider

“我的客户管理团队很棒. They handle everything we need, are very responsive, and are great to work with.”

—IT 网络 Manager, Multinational 电信 Company




“不要改变任何东西. You guys are going up against giants in the industry, a real David-and-Goliath story. Can’t say how many times Curvature has bailed us out of a situation. Amazing people filling in the technology gaps.”

—网络 Solutions Consultant, 能源 Company


食物 & 饮料


“客户管理非常棒. 他是我们公司真正的合作伙伴.”

—Senior Manager, Technical Systems, Entertainment Company

“Curvature’s pricing and service have been a refreshing change from normal business practices. I have received praise from two different employers for bringing on Curvature as a vendor.”

网络工程师、食品 & 饮料公司




“Fantastic service and highly competitive-changed our thinking totally.”



不知道从哪里开始? 联系 us to get expert advice and dedicated account management today.

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